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Preparation H Medicated Hemorrhoidal Wipes with Witch Hazel 48.0ea


Product Description

New! Four Times Larger than Medicated Pads.

Hemorrhoidal Wipes with Witch Hazel

These wipes are convenient to use and soothe as they clean. They can be used for gentle, everyday cleansing to cool and comfort. Keeping the area clean also reduces skin damage. Use before Preparation H gel, ointment, cream or suppositories for better relief.

Gentle, Everyday Cleansing To Reduce Irritation.

  • Cools, Soothes and Comforts.
  • Convenient, Easy to Use.
  • For Hemorrhoidal and Vaginal Care.
  • Flushable and Septic Safe.

Flushable, Medicated Wipes with Aloe.

48 Wipes – 5.375 x 6.25 in. (13.6 x 15.8 cm) each.

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Made in USA

  • Open the lid on the top of the wipes pouch
  • Peel back wipes seal, remove completely and discard
  • Grab the top wipe at the edge of the center fold and pull out of pouch
  • Close lid after each use to retain moisture
  • Adults: Unfold wipe and cleanse the area by gently wiping, patting or blotting. If necessary, repeat until all matter is removed from the area
  • Use up to 6 times daily or after each bowel movement and before applying topical hemorrhoidal treatments, and then discard
  • Children under 12 years of age: consult a doctor

Other Information:

  • Store at 20-25°C (68-77°F)
  • For best results, flush only one or two wipes at a time

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