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Forces of Nature Fissure Control 0.37fl oz

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  • USDA organic
  • Doctor recommended
  • All natural & organic

Relief from Rectal Pain & Fissures

  • Provide rapid relief of acute or pulsating rectal pain
  • Treat bleeding hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids & anal fissures
  • Aid in shrinking internal hemorrhoids
  • Treat & heal damaged rectal tissue
  • USDA organic
  • Doctor recommended
  • All natural & organic

This breakthrough fissure treatment rapidly relieves acute rectal pain.  It heals damaged rectal tissue and anal fissures.  Fissure Control has been developed for the sole purpose to ease burning/acute rectal pain and treat anal fissures.  It can be used in tandem with Hemorrhoid Control when treating hemorrhoids, if needed.  The success of this treatment is via merging the power of homeopathic medicine with soothing botanicals.  The therapeutic agents are particularly well suited to ease burning rectal pain.  The product contains homeopathic Hamamelis Virginiana, which is a remedy for sore, raw, pulsating and painful wounds in the rectum.  It also contains homeopathic Calendula Officinalis, a remarkable healing agent that promotes rapid healing of wounds.  The botanicals blended into this treatment provide soothing relief. Certified organic German Chamomile, Lavandula Angustifolia and Helichrysum all deliver wonderful soothing relief, have cleansing properties, and promote healthy skin.  The blue tint generated from the high content of chamazulene, characteristic of the Napalese chamomile we use, is flown in directly from the Himalayan Mountains, providing a deep soothing effect upon application.

Made in USA

Dab 2-3 drops of oil to treatment area 2-4 times per day; apply daily until problem is gone.

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