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Atkins Advantage Shakes Mocha Latte, 4 pk 11.0oz. x 4 Pack

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Product Description

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  • 15g protein, 1g sugar
  • Only 2g net carbs, 160 calories
  • Made with real coffee

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Atkins Advantage, Mocha Shake

  • 15g Protein
  • 1g Sugar
  • 160 Calories
  • Only 2g Net Carbs
  • Made with Real Coffee!

Atkins™ is a powerful life-time approach to successful weight loss and weight management.

Whether you’re trying to lose weigh or maintain your optimal weight, Atkins Bars and Shakes are a delicious and nutritious way to help you reach your goals.

This product can be used in all Phases of the Atkins™ Diet

Counting Carbs?
The Net Carb Count helps you count carbs that impact blood sugar. Good carbs, those that are better for you, have a lower blood sugar impact.

4 – 11 fl oz (325mL) Shakes ~ Total Net Contents 44 fl oz (1.3L)

free starter kit available at

Shake well. Serve over ice.

Important: Must be refrigerated after opening to maintain safety

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